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5,000 Reasons to Give

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We love our pets like family and they deserve quality, basic veterinary care. This includes spay/neuter, vaccines, microchips, flea and heartworm prevention. Happy pets make happy humans and the A HOPE Spay Neuter Clinic will make this

care available! And it will be affordable to everyone!

We are asking our supportive community to help us complete the clinic with a donation of $5,000 each to reach a goal of $100,000.  

Our area has many animal lovers that continue to amaze us with their generosity!

Your $5,000 will help set the A HOPE Clinic up to fix at least 5,000 more pets and community cats per year.

That's 5,000 reasons to give...

To permanently honor your donation of $5,000, a memorial brick will be placed at the new A HOPE clinic.

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