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In rare cases, animals are brought to our organization, or kept out of the local open intake shelter through a process called “intake diversion”. This means that some animals never enter the shelter doors and add to the crowding. This is a big way we help animals stay healthy, less stressed, and keep the euthanasia numbers to a minimum. The county shelter is meant to take in strays and provide them a safe place to stay until owner reclamation, yet there are many other animals in need of their care as well (such as cruelty cases and owner surrenders). If your animal ever comes straight to us, we provide them with exceptional service with their health and well-being at the top of our list. 


If your pet has made their way to us, we have provided them with the same standard of care as our typical intakes for adoption. Your pet has received a vaccination on intake (Distemper for dogs, FVRCP for cats), a labeled collar, a bath, flea prevention, deworming, and any other immediate needs. Dogs showing signs of respiratory distress/hacking will be heartworm tested. Cats showing illness will be tested for feline leukemia.


After the medical portion and identification process is complete, your pet is listed on our website, reported to the local shelter, and shared across multiple social media lost and found sites. Your pet has gone from wandering the streets and into our safe haven while being posted everywhere you should be looking, within hours. The absolute FIRST place anyone should look for their missing pet is the local animal shelter person.


Hold Period: We have a 5 day, including weekends and holidays, stray hold period. After 5 days, with no contact from the owner, the animal is legally ours.  



If your animal is microchipped, wearing an identification tag, or finder has contact information for the owner, we will contact the owners FIRST. Animals are considered “property” in the state of Florida and we follow every law in this situation. If you are a responsible pet owner, you will have identification on your pet AT ALL TIMES. Pets with identification are held for 10 days.


If your pet is suffering with anything such as fleas, an open wound, or something else we feel should be immediately treated, even with identification on the animal, we will treat for their well-being. Your pet is very important to us and we will do everything in our power to make them more comfortable. 


If your pet has identification yet the injury is beyond our assistance and we feel a trip to the vet is in order, we will transport your pet to the nearest facility and you can claim your pet from there. All costs incurred will be your responsibility.



Without identification, your pet has become our responsibility on intake. We honor our stray hold period while we prepare the animal for adoption. The adoption track starts at intake since we do not euthanize animals and only have a live outcome in mind. Your pet has been in foster care with 24 hour socialization, food, water, and shelter provided. If you can provide proof of current vaccinations and flea prevention, then those fees will be waived.


  • Boarding: $25/day after the first 48 hours

  • Vaccines: $15/vaccine

  • Flea Prevention: $15 for 30 day supply and Capstar

  • Dewormer: $5

  • Heartworm/Leukemia Test: $20

  • Spay/Neuter: $60

  • Microchip: $15


***If your pet is unaltered, and with us past the 5 day stray hold (with or without identification), we mandate spay/neuter. Fixing an animal results in less roaming and numerous health benefits. If your pet did not have identification, your pet will be microchipped as well. Our microchips come pre-registered to our organization as well as adding the owner. This means that if your pet is ever picked up again, you will get a call and so will we. It is imperative to keep your information up to date.

****If cost is an issue when it comes to reclaiming your pet, please speak with us and see about other options. We will NEVER keep an animal from returning to a loving home. We are a resource and want to help you retain your pet and prevent future escapes from home.


Proof of Ownership:

We do not give animals to anyone who comes to claim. This is for the safety of your pet as well as for your peace of mind. Anyone claiming an animal must have current proof of ownership. Acceptable options for animal identification include:

  • Vet Records (we will call your vet to get a current reference if the paperwork is outdated)

  • Time Lapse Photos/Videos (photos of your family with the pet over a period of time)

  • Microchip Information

  • Pet License Paperwork

Owner Surrender of Found Animal:

Our organization does not take owner surrenders. What we do provide is a safe haven for animals and adoption exit plans. If you choose to surrender your pet which is already in our care, please let us know. This will help us move faster towards rehoming the animal and providing them the care they may be needing, beyond the minimum on intake. We promise to provide them with everything they need, should you choose this option. You will need to sign an owner surrender form within 5 days if the pet has no identification, and within 10 if the pet does have identification. We encourage you to always put your pet first and consider this option if the care they need is not being provided currently. 


Owner Surrender Dog

Owner Surrender Cat


How To Get In Contact:


Phone: 850-665-0511 (leave a voicemail if there is no answer)

Address: 5755 Washington Street, Milton, FL 32570

Reclaiming a

lost pet

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