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Fancy Rats For Adoption


Rats are amazing and loving 'pocket pets' who end up in shelters just like any other animal. Looking for some short term commitment, a foodie friend, or someone to veg out and watch TV with? You've come to the right place!


Here you will find some amazing rats for adoption, all looking for loving homes.

If babies are listed, they are available for reservation starting at 4 weeks old but cannot go home until at least 5 weeks old. Babies are typically born from mothers we have rescued after they were found to be pregnant.

Colors and sex will not be available until at least one week old.

Click on their photo to apply and to see when they will be ready to go home.

*All rats must be adopted in same sex pairs. If you would like to adopt two of the opposite sex, then we require them to be altered before you take them home.

If the rat is altered prior to your request, then the cost is the same as an unaltered rat.

These rescued rats listed below are not accepting applications just yet. Check back daily!

If you want to be notified when we have more rats, you can use the notify me button below.  Please put " (male/female) rats" as the answer to the "Which animal are you interested in" line.  You can also specify a number of rats, if you have a preference.  If we know adopters are available, then we can rescue more rats.  Please note that you will only be notified once, when the rats arrive. If you want to be placed back on the list for the next rats, you will need to fill out another "notify me" application.

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