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Feeding Senior Citizens Pets


Bowl Fillers is an outreach program that provides senior citizens in our area with pet food so they can keep their pets.  Bowl Fillers started when one of our board members heard about a senior citizen that was feeding her Meals on Wheels food to their pet.  The last thing we want our senior citizens to do is to have to make the devastating decision between feeding themselves or their pets.  Or having to give up their pet that they love because they cannot feed them.  So, we decided to provide a way for these senior citizens in need to feed their pets without having to sacrifice their own food. 

Through a partnership with Meals on Wheels, West Florida Center for Council on Aging, and a local sponsor we are able to provide that.  Our sponsor is a different local business, civil group or church group each month that has volunteered and been chosen to help their community.  The sponsor collects the food, litter, etc. and then we make sure it gets to the Meals on Wheels team to be handed out.  The sponsors usually go above and beyond our expectations.  It is a true honor for them to be able to help out the neediest people in our community.  Our sponsors are a vital part of this program and we thank them for their generosity in providing needed dog & cat food for the senior citizens in our community.  They are the ones collecting all the donations and we thank anyone who has ever donated to one of our sponsors.  

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please email our Outreach Coordinator at

October 2023 Sponsor

St. Mary's Episcopal Church


September 2023 Sponsor

Phil Hall, P.A.


August 2023 Sponsor

Betty J Pullum YMCA


Past Sponsors &
Yearly Stats

2023 Stats

# of Households: 35

# of Dogs: 9

# of Cats: 78

Lbs of Dog food: 512.5

Pkgs of Dog Treats: 19

Dog Toys: 10

Lbs of Cat Food: 565

Pkgs of Cat Treats: 35

Cat Toys: 34

Lbs of Cat Litter: 70

2022 Stats

# of Households: 50

# of Dogs: 21

# of Cats: 110

Lbs of Dog food: 525

Pkgs of Dog Treats: 21

Dog Toys: 22

Lbs of Cat Food: 767.5

Pkgs of Cat Treats: 45

Cat Toys: 55

Lbs of Cat Litter: 46

2021 Stats

# of Households: 80

# of Dogs: 100

# of Cats: 132

Lbs. of Dog food: 1,476

Pkgs. of Dog Treats: 98

Dog Toys: 96

Lbs. of Cat Food: 827

Pkgs. of Cat Treats: 92

Cat Toys: 89

Lbs. of Cat Litter: 225

2020 Stats

# of Households: 117

# of Dogs: 146

# of Cats: 141

Lbs. of Dog food: 2,435

Pkgs. of Dog Treats: 146

Dog Toys: 146

Lbs. of Cat Food: 876

Pkgs. of Cat Treats: 81

Cat Toys: 81

Lbs. of Cat Litter: 450

2019 Sponsors

June: A HOPE

July: St Augustine Episcopal Church

August: Finance Dept. SRCSB

September: Betty J Pullum YMCA

October: Winn Dixie

November: Kids that Kare

December: Your Pace Yoga

2019 Stats

# of Households: 72

# of Dogs: 135

# of Cats: 31

Lbs. of Dog food: 1,971

Pkgs. of Dog Treats: 135

Dog Toys: 135

Lbs. of Cat Food: 213

Pkgs. of Cat Treats: 31

Cat Toys: 31

Lbs. of Cat Litter: 310

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