Adoption FAQs

In an effort to save lives and lessen the euthanasia impact in our county, A HOPE provides a rehabilitation and lifesaving program. Animals in this program are usually too young or too sick to survive in their current environment. A HOPE takes these vulnerable animals and places them into a foster home until they are eligible for either rescue or adoption. While most rehabilitated animals are placed in a rescue, others stay to be adopted out through us. All adoptable cats and dogs include spay/neuter, microchip, and up-to-date vaccinations.

Application Process

How do I apply to adopt one of your animals?

Go to the page of the type of animals you want to adopt, find your favorite animal's photo and click on it. Then click "apply for adoption".

When do applications open?

Applications open for animals when they are at least the weight of a healthy 6 week old animal and well enough to have visitors. We try not to open applications for animals who cannot go home within 2 weeks. The animals on the "meet me" page can go home 2 to 4 weeks from today's date, depending on size.

Can I reserve an animal before their application is open?


Can someone contact me when a specific animal's application opens?


I've applied before....Do I have to fill out another application?

Absolutely. Every animal has their own needs and 'perfect' family setting. We value each animal as an individual and want them to thrive in a home setting. While you may be perfect for one animal, another animal may need something other than what your home provides.

Do you announce when applications open?

We do not announce when applications open due to the high volume of applicants. We will typically open the applications, when the animal is ready, and make decisions within 48hrs. If you apply, please make sure you get the email confirming we received the application or you may have incorrectly typed your email. You will also receive notification whether the application was approved or denied, and if the animal has been spoken for. If you wish to be notified when a specific animal's application is open, please go here: Notify Me


What if I adopt an animal and it doesn't work out in my home?

We always take our animals back.

If I decide to return my animal or change my mind prior to adoption pickup day, do you refund my money?

There are no refunds. Please decide if you would like to adopt the animal prior to applying. Once you pay the fee and the animal is removed from inventory, this animal is waiting just for you. If you change your mind or don't show up within 48 hours of their adoption available date, you forfeit the fee.

Business Hours and Location

Where are you located?

5755 Washington St Milton, FL 32570

What are your adoption business hours?

We are open, by appointment only, for any of the many services we provide. Every other Wednesday is reserved for adoptions ONLY and by appointment ONLY from 11am to 5pm. Once you have paid the adoption fee, you will recieve a link to book the appointment for pickup. If you need to choose a timeslot on Thursday between 11am and 5pm, please let us know. Appointment slots are dedicated to the guest in the building and we do not allow multiple families in the small facility at the same time. You will have a 15 to 30 minute window, from the time you chose, to pick up your new family member. We love adoption days and want to make this time special. Please allow us to provide this special time to you by showing up on time and prepared.

Price to Adopt

What is the cost to adopt an animal?

Please click here to view prices.

How do I pay the fee to hold an animal and remove it from inventory?

You will respond to the application approval email with your decision to adopt and a text will be sent to your phone. The text will walk you through payment.


What do I need to have with me when picking up my animal?

You will need to bring a cat carrier for picking up a cat or rat. You will need a leash to pick up a dog. Please also bring your cell phone and ID card.

When do I pick my animal up?

Adoption days are every other Wednesday from 11am to 5pm. Timeslots are booked via email after your adoption fee is received. If an animal is ready to go right away then your pickup time/date will be within 48 hours (during specific business hours) of the time the payment for adoption is received.

What if the available timeslots or adoption day don't work with my schedule?

Please email us back to try and work out a different time. You can choose a day or time (during specific weekday business hours) up to 48 hours past their spay/neuter appointment. Please remember our animals are kept in the comfort of foster homes and only brought into the facility the day prior to adoption day. They do not go back to foster homes after this date. So the longer you wait to pick up your animal, the longer your animal sits waiting for you.

Can I meet the animal ahead of time?

Absolutely. We offer video meet and greets prior to paying the adoption fee. If you would like to meet them in person, you will have to meet at our facility on one of their check-in dates (they check in every two weeks). Note: We do not hold animals back from adoption until the adoption fee is paid. Should someone pay their adoption fee prior to your visit (video or in person) then they may secure the animal and your appointment will be cancelled.

After Adoption

What kind of food do you feed your animals?

Please click here to see what products we use.

How do I get my medical records for an animal I adopted?

Medical records go right to your email on the day you collect your new pet.


What is a "Crunchy Muffin"?

Please click here to find out more about our crunchy muffins.

Can I get a pure breed?

Absolutely! There are lots of pure bred animals in rescues and shelters across the world. Sometimes we have animals come through who are known to be a specific breed or dumped by a specific breeder. We do not guarantee any animal is the breed you see listed. We do not have the funding to breed test each animal in our care. If the specific breed is of importance to you, you can purchase a breed test for us to use on the animal in question or you should find a licensed and reputable breeder. Even if you purchase a breed test for an animal in our care, this does not reserve the animal for you should someone else love them for their personality more than their label.

How do I become a foster parent for an animal in need?

Please click here to become a lifesaving hero.

Do you allow out-of-state adoptions?

Sure! You must still find a way to get to our facility, in person, on adoption day. You are ultimately responsible for any state requirements for crossing lines and obtaining health certificates. Be prepared for a requested video home check, should we request one.

Do you allow cats to go outdoors?

The short answer is 'no'. Our felines are raised to be indoor only pets and a member of your family. Contrary to popular belief, cats do not NEED to go outside. Cats raised indoors can enjoy sunny window perches, sliding glass doors, or even catios. Outdoor cats are suseptible to predators (including birds of prey), illness, and other environmental tragedies. If you're looking for an outdoor cat, please check your local shelters for barn cat programs.

How can I ask more questions which are not answered here?

Please email if you feel like there are questions we have not covered on this site. Your feedback is very important to us.

If you have any other questions and/or concerns about our adoption process, please email and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.