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Volunteer Opportunities

Thinking of volunteering?  We need you!

A HOPE is a real business … We have 14 board members, along with a vast volunteer base (that we cherish) operating this ever-growing nonprofit organization. Whether you want to get deeply involved, or simply have some time for the smaller, yet critical, aspects of A HOPE - we need your help.  

We have opportunities within many areas of our organization for you to jump in. Some of these include, but are not limited to, accounting, transport scheduling, help desk representatives, social media squad, oversight and maintenance of our adoptable animals, marketing team, events specialist, research projects of varying kinds, etc., etc.

Then, at our physical location in Milton (the “Paw Pad”) – the needs are endless – from general cleaning/maintenance, general kitten care, laundry, running errands, coming to help on a moment’s notice to transport kitties in need - and more.


It’s a big process with defined protocols when we bring in animals from our shelter. Setting up kitty condos, helping with medical intake, paperwork and any other needs that pop up, for typically 20 or more kitties at a time, needs a lot of hands.  It’s a BIG deal. On occasion, the need for foster care of the animals coming through the Paw Pad is requested. This involves rehab of medically needy animals, socializing those that are terrified, or just cuddling until adoption exit plans come up. 


Fostering is a HUGE volunteer need with A HOPE. If you are interested in becoming a foster for an animal through their rehabilitation process, please consider clicking here and filling out a foster application. 


Until we have our own low cost spay/neuter clinic here in Santa Rosa County, we will continue our every two week transport to Operation Spay Bay in Panama City.  For three years we have been providing this service and have a very streamlined two-day process with many job opportunities available.


TNR is a popular way of keeping the feral cat population down while also creating healthier community cats and less intake at the local shelter, thereby cutting back on the number of felines who are euthanized each year. We need assistance showing our community how easy trapping and altering cats is.


Every second Sunday of the month we hold our Pet Food Pantry offering pet food supplementation assistance to our community. In addition, we offer a monthly Bowl Filler program, in conjunction with the Council on Aging, assisting our seniors by providing for their pets. A HOPE has also held many clinics offering low cost vaccines and microchips to our community animals. Interested in educating our youth? We mentor groups of children by teaching hands on humane education. All of these services require the help of our generous and caring volunteers.  

The services we provide will continue to grow. When our Founder and President, Brandi Winkleman, sees a need for the animals in our community, no doubt, something new will be implemented. It’s what A HOPE is all about …

Would you like to join this great team? Click here to fill out a volunteer application!


Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions! 


We look forward to hearing from you!

Volunteer Coordinator

A HOPE (Animal Health Outreach Prevention Education)

A HOPE's Volunteer Handbook

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