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We're Ready To Save Even More Lives....

Welcome to the future of saving lives in the Florida Panhandle. Our organization owns property in Milton, Florida with initial plans to build an affordable, high volume, spay/neuter clinic. The path has been cleared and plans are underway. Please join us on this life changing and SAVING mission!

Clinic Progress Update (4/18/2023)

A HOPE has purchased 25 acres on Pine Blossom Rd.

A HOPE's Spay & Neuter Clinic is one step closer to becoming a reality! We have officially 
completed the first phase of site preparation!!  There were 4.38 acres cleared for the building and parking lot.  Also, the main water line and fire hydrant were installed.  

Now, the price tag for the preparation work for the second phase of development is $126,000. This will include the building pad, a berm around the whole 4.38 acres, and on-site wastewater treatment.  This is a really good amount for that much work. But we need your help. We are asking you - our supporters, community, businesses, etc. - to help us raise the funds. We could also use a donation of truckloads of dirt for the building pad and berm.  

After we have completed the prep work for phase 2, we can finally move on to the building!  This will be an additional $571,000.  But, it will include the foundation, the actual building, and all utilities.

See our fundraisng progress!


We've cleared the path ahead....


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