A HOPE, along with its amazing partner, Operation Spay Bay, is proud to provide you with an affordable spay/neuter option for your pet! Transports run every two weeks and fill up quickly.

Please e-mail ahopehelp@gmail.com or call (850) 665-0511 with any questions. 

Please choose a link below to register and reserve a spot for your cat or dog to be spayed or neutered through our program. 

Please visit our Spay/Neuter Transport FAQ page for

answers to your most frequently asked questions.

NOTE: Slots are extremely limited. Our goal is to help as many animals get fixed as possible and, since cats produce far more unwanted litters than dogs, we are a cat-heavy transport. We have a small facility and finite reservations at the clinic. Dog slots fill up within minutes of opening. Please reach out to your local vet for spay/neuter options if you do not get one of these extremely limited reservations.

Please also support the opening of the future affordable spay/neuter clinic right here in Milton, Florida.

5/25/21 Spay/Neuter Trip


Plan NOW for our next CAT ONLY trip on June 3, 2021.

Drop off will be 6pm-8pm June 2nd at our main facility ONLY.

Need trapping advice or a trap to loan?

Email cats@ahope4src.com

Next trip for cats AND dogs will open 5/18/21 for the June 8th trip