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A HOPE, along with its amazing partner, Operation Spay Bay, is proud to provide you with an affordable spay/neuter option for your pet! Transports run every two weeks and fill up quickly. While you are waiting for registration to open, don't forget to keep hitting refresh! 

The next opportunity to register for one of our spay/neuter trips will be on 5/28/24 at NOON. This will be for our 6/18/24 transport. Please note that the 6/18/24 transport will be a smaller one for cats only. No dogs.

Agree we need a clinic here locally?

Please visit our Spay/Neuter Transport FAQ page for answers to your most frequently asked questions.

NOTE: Slots are extremely limited. Our goal is to help as many animals get fixed as possible and, since cats produce far more unwanted litters than dogs, we are a cat-heavy transport. We have a small facility and finite reservations at the clinic. Dog slots fill up within minutes of opening. Please reach out to your local vet for spay/neuter options if you do not get one of these extremely limited reservations.

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