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Lifesaving Animal FOSTERING

If you are interested in becoming a foster for an animal through their rehabilitation process, please consider clicking on the link below and filling out a foster application. 

Cat Foster Application

Small Mammal Foster Application


A foster parent is someone who shows love and provides shelter for an animal in need while they await their next steps. You are their savior from staying in whatever situation we are rescuing them from. Fostering with us is short term. This means that we leave animals in a set foster home for no more than 4 months. Typically, our foster system is just two weeks long. You take them in and keep them separated from all other animals in the household for just two weeks, then they get their vetting and off to their adoption exit plans. 


Fostering for us is a bit different because we are not a “Rescue Organization”. We do not focus on adoptions, but survival with medical care instead. This means our foster parents are pretty tough. We have set protocols and guidelines for all ages and all medical neediness within our organization. Our goal is to get them to ‘adoptable’ status. Once they reach that status, we put them with adoption organizations, rescue partners, and veterinarian offices for public viewing.



Some days, yes. It’s difficult to send them off after you were their saving grace. It’s tough to not know where they are at all times and if their new family will love them as much as you did. What’s even more tough….when they just don’t make it. This happens and it is no fault of our foster parents. Our foster parents were 100% their chance and 100% their comfort till the end. Our loss rate is incredibly low, but it does happen and we want all our potential team members to understand this. 

Our foster parents are remarkable individuals. Our foster team is dedicated and willing to change and save lives. We need more foster parents in order to save more lives. If you’re on board to be a life-saver, please fill out our application.


If you are a rescue organization and are interested in pulling an animal from A HOPE into your rescue (those currently available for adoption or otherwise), you are more than welcome to do so. Please contact us at if you wish to do this or have any questions.

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