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A HOPE in the News

September 13, 2022New Clinic to Save Florida Rescuers 100+ Mile Trips Just to Spay/Neuter Cats - “Right now, we can only transport every other week to get animals — dogs and cats — spayed and neutered. And this (facility) will allow us to provide those services almost every day of the week,” said A HOPE Vice President Paige Cary.
June 15, 2022'Any help is good help:' A HOPE submits plans to build spay and neuter facility in Milton - The animal advocacy and pet assistance group A HOPE has plans to construct a new spay/neuter, vaccination and microchip facility, which staff said could alleviate some of the issues related to unneutered in the area, and provide an affordable option for the procedures.

February 23, 2022Santa Rosa’s shelter crisis is a result of communitywide animal issue - For the past week, the Santa Rosa County Animal Shelter, along with dozens of volunteers from animal welfare groups and the community, have been assessing, walking, bathing, and tending to the needs of more than 80 dogs who have been surrendered from a local rescue group.

December 23, 2021A HOPE traps second-largest cat colony in 2 years, highlighting need for Milton facility Last week, Santa Rosa County's A HOPE conducted its second-largest mass trapping of stray cats in two years after a colony of 84 cats was discovered in Pace.  The logistics of that undertaking highlight part of why A HOPE is planning to open a new facility in Milton. Among other things, the new center would help A HOPE better handle colonies in Santa Rosa County.

October 13, 2021
Miracle for animals in the Florida Panhandle' How does a whole county’s animal sheltering program get turned around? Sometimes it takes just one person with a vision who finds a way to change people’s hearts and minds through creative presentation of statistics and emotionally hard-hitting messaging.

May 14, 2021Milton rescue group welcomes two-faced kitten 'Combo' 
Brandi Winkleman, the president of a ‘A Hope’, says combo was born with two skulls that are fused together.

March 25, 2020Pet food pantries in Pensacola, Milton fill critical need during COVID-19 crisis In Santa Rosa County, A HOPE is continuing its Bowl Fillers program in addition to its pet food pantry. Bowl Fillers is a partnership with the Council on Aging of West Florida to provide senior citizens who can't leave their homes with free pet food.


September 12, 2019Find out what changes are included in Santa Rosa County animal ordinance overhaul - Brandi Winkleman, founder of A HOPE, a Milton-based nonprofit working to spay and neuter animals in the western Panhandle, said the changes were a long time coming. "I'm incredibly proud to live in a community which has embraced change for the animals," she said. "We are seeing a significant drop in the euthanasia rate at our local shelter due to many working parts, all working together. The animal ordinance revision has been a long time coming. I applaud the county commissioners for listening and supporting this change." 

June 27, 2019Animal Organizations Offering Low-Cost Rabies Vaccine and Microchip This Saturday "Rabies is a community issue. On May 31, the Florida Department of Health in Santa Rosa County issued a rabies alert for the City of Milton, which is in effect until late July. Pet owners will have the option of a one-year rabies vaccine or three-year for $20, owners just need to show their one-year certificate."

June 25, 2019A HOPE for Santa Rosa County receives $26,500 award from Sunday’s Child - "A HOPE for Santa Rosa County is a not-for-profit with the mission of providing low-cost spay/neuter/vaccines/micro chipping services, rescue support, and community outreach programs, leading to the prevention of unnecessary euthanasia of companion animals in Santa Rosa County, Florida. Their “Fix and Chip” project will provide funding to spay/neuter, vaccinate against rabies, and microchip 300 indoor cats and 100 dogs that are owned by residents of Santa Rosa County."

June 8, 2019Locals take steps to protect pets against rabies - "This is us trying to help the community with the recent rabies outbreak. There is concern that there's not enough low-cost options to get their animals vaccinated,” said A Hope President Brandi Winkleman.

April 20, 2019A helping paw: Local animal groups start pet food pantries to help pet parents in need - "We're trying to get the word out for low-income families that they don't have to choose between feeding themselves and feeding their dogs and cats, or taking them to the shelter because they can't afford to feed them," said Paige Cary, vice president of A HOPE. "It's one way to help with animal retention in the home and keeping them out of the shelters." 

April 16, 2019Santa Rosa County Animal Shelter didn't euthanize any animals due to space in March - Less than a year after making headlines for having one of the highest euthanasia rates in the state of Florida, the Santa Rosa County Animal Shelter announced that for the first time last month, it did not euthanize any dogs or cats due to space requirements. 

November 16, 2018: Low-cost spay, neuter services available in area - A HOPE for Santa Rosa County in Milton works with the Wiregrass Spay/Neuter Alliance in Dothan, Alabama to offer low-cost spay and neuter program for cats and dogs. 

September 24, 2018Santa Rosa County lifting breed ban on animal shelter - "One sentence could save so many lives and will save so many lives,” said Winkleman. “It's lifting a stigma on an animal that didn't deserve it in the first place." 

August 21, 2018Animal advocates say Santa Rosa County had the highest euthanasia rate in Florida in 2017 - Brandi Winkleman works for 'A HOPE For Santa Rosa County', a local animal advocacy group and non-profit organization.  "Out of 67 counties we learned that we are the top, highest kill-rate in the s
tate of Florida," said Winkleman.

August 2, 2018: Santa Rosa group wants county-wide control on feral cats - A Milton animal advocacy group wants to help the Santa Rosa County Animal Shelter control the county's feral cats, but it needs approval from county commissioners. 

June 18, 2018Animal advocacy group finds a home in Milton - A HOPE for Santa Rosa County, FL Inc., a nonprofit organization founded in 2017 and devoted to education on responsible pet ownership of companion animals, has an agreement with the city of Milton to use a building at 5755 Washington St. 

May 3, 2018Give Care Share – A HOPE 4 SRC - A relatively new, up and coming nonprofit, A HOPE for Santa Rosa County has many goals to making lives better for companion animals.  Their name alone shows that their mission is clear.  HOPE stands for Health, Outreach, Prevention, and Education.  They offer direction and a means to get pets spayed or neutered and to keep pets Healthy.  They have an external network that allows them to offer assistance with lost and found animals and provide Outreach for pet owners.  They strive to Prevent pet disease and proper care by facilitating heart worm and flea attacks by Educating owners, children, and communities.

February 4, 2018Effort to control feral cats underway in Milton - Winkleman works with A HOPE for Santa Rosa County FL, a nonprofit tasked by the city of Milton late last year to implement a trap, neuter and release program in an effort to control the longtime feral cat population within city limits. 

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