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A HOPE came about in a very organic way. For quite some time now, several individuals have been working to make changes for the animals in our county. We care very deeply and are extremely concerned about our community cats and dogs.


We are heartsick over the influx of animals coming into our local shelter, resulting in the highest euthanasia rate in our 


area. The fault does not lie with the shelter, however, but with our very own friends, families, and neighbors. 

We are devastated by the cats and dogs being abandoned in our community and the countless unaltered animals roaming our streets, propagating an already suffocating animal population. 


So...we decided to do something about it. 

We are starting out as a very small group – but we have BIG dreams. As we gain momentum and support, we aim to focus on the health of our community animals, providing low cost spay and neuter options. We will be providing resources for pet owners in need, enabling them to provide for their cats and dogs in the ways they have always wanted to. We are going to educate the community at large, teaching responsible pet ownership to go along with the resources that will be provided. In sum, we will provide A HOPE for the animals and animal-loving residents of Santa Rosa County. 

Please open your heart to our cause and join us in whatever capacity you are able. More than ever, our animals need us.

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