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Animals Headed To Our Rescue Partners

All of the animals listed below have the amazing opportunity to be assisted by multiple organizations. We choose to collaborate with these rescue partners in order to save more lives. Please click on any photo below in order to see which lifesaving organization spoke up for the animal in their time of need. We couldn't do this work alone so we greatly value these partnerships.

If you are a rescue organization with a valid business license, exempt status, and great reputation, then please reach out to connect with us. We are always looking to build our network of animal lifesavers. Transfer partners can request to pull any of our animals, at any stage of availability, prior to being held for adoption (the unavailable animals will be here).

Rescue organizations who pull from us pay no fees.

We also offer quarantine, spay/neuter, and treatment assistance for any cats/kittens you would like to pull from Santa Rosa County Animal Services. (It may be possible for dogs/puppies depending on current foster space). We are able to pull and foster them for a maximum of two weeks while you prepare for their intake.

We take care of raising funds and prepping the animals for your adoption track, while in our care.

Your adopters just may be the family our animals are looking for!

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