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Purrspectives: What I Wish Everyone Knew About Running Our Social Media

Updated: May 23, 2023

I get the same reaction every time I tell someone what I do with A HOPE. When I say I help run our social media, people inevitably say, “That’s so boring! Don’t you want to play with kittens?”

And the answer is yes, of course, I want to play with kittens. I’m not a heartless monster. And it’s true that sometimes keeping up with all our posts can be tedious and even overwhelming. But every once in a while, something so incredibly rewarding happens that it puts everything else into purrspective. I’m reminded that every single job, no matter how insignificant and far away from the action it might seem, is absolutely vital to our mission and the animals we love.

This is the story of how Crayons the kitten got adopted.

Crayons on the first day she came to us.

It was Adoption Day, and Crayons was the last kitten standing. All her siblings had already been adopted and gone home with their families. On this particular Adoption Day, Crayons was up at the Paw Pad (our office in Milton) with the friends she made in her foster home who had all been spayed or neutered along with her the day before. The difference between them and her was that they had all been adopted and were set to go home that day, and she wasn’t. Once they were gone, she was going to be all alone with no one to play with, a terrible thing for such a young kitten.

So, our social media team knew we had to get her face out there and find her a new family ASAP. On that Adoption Day, I made a post highlighting her best features (there are a lot of them...she’s a great kitten!). I posted photos and videos of her playing. And then we waited.

But we didn’t wait very long. Within a few hours of the post about Crayons going up, I saw a message in our inbox asking, “Is Crayons still available?” I was so excited! I had never seen such an immediate response to an animal highlight post before. I quickly responded that yes, she was still available! I proceeded to have the sweetest conversation with a woman who wanted to come get this kitten now. I guided her through the process of filling out an adoption application, paying adoption fees, and setting an appointment to pick up the baby (later that same day). I don’t know if I’ve ever interacted with someone more excited to meet their new family member! She said, “I’m in line to pick my kids up from school now, and then we’ll be on our way!”

Crayons and her new family on Adoption Day.

Well, it just so happened that I was also at the Paw Pad on this particular Adoption Day. After all that, I actually got to see this ecstatic woman and her three equally excited kids meet Crayons! She purred and purred while they passed her around, taking turns getting to know the animal who will be in their lives for the next who-knows-how-many years.

While they were there, I learned that this family had recently had a cat pass away who had been with them for 16 years. They had a younger cat who was now alone and needed a playmate (just like Crayons was now alone and in need of a playmate). They had been waiting for the right time and the right kitten to come along, and when they saw Crayons on Facebook that day, they knew it was meant to be.

Not even an hour had passed after the family left with Crayons when we got a message from her new mom saying, “She has our whole heart.”

Crayons, now known as Sarabi, living like a princess in her new home. (Photo courtesy of Jenny Lees)

Now, this is the story I tell people when they ask if working on social media is boring. Is it boring to interact with amazing, huge-hearted community members who I never would have talked to before? Nope. Is it boring to know that I make a direct impact on the lives of sick and vulnerable animals, even if I never meet the animals themselves? Absolutely not. And is it boring to watch these stories play out every single day, to see the constant stream of near-dead kittens grow up, meet people who love and cherish them, and thrive for the rest of their lives? No. In fact, it might be the least boring thing I’ve ever done.

Yes, playing with kittens is fun. But you know, I think my job is pretty fun, too.

Would you like to volunteer with us from the comfort of your own home and on your own schedule? You could be a perfect fit for our Social Media Squad! Apply here or contact our Volunteer Coordinator at for more information.

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Unknown member
Sep 27, 2023

I am so glad I found your website ..the pictures and updates are so special and seeing how the littles are progressing and thriving is amazing. Your fosters and volunteers are by far the best I have ever seen. I can’t wait to adopt my purfect kitten. Thank you for all you do !


Unknown member
Sep 24, 2023

I love the job social media team are doing

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