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App Downloads to Delight First-Time Dog Owners

If you are getting ready to bring a new pet home, you may be overwhelmed with your responsibilities. Have you picked out the right crate? Do you have a sturdy leash and collar? While these items are certainly important, one essential you shouldn't overlook is a powerful phone.

Having a great phone will allow you to take pictures of your pup, look up advice, and power apps that will make your life as a first-time pet parent much easier. Download the following apps before your pet arrives at home for a smoother, more informed experience

PetCoach by PetCo

PetCoach is the leading source of online veterinarian advice, allowing you to get direct advice from certified U.S. veterinarians, trainers, and nutritionists. The app includes the option to chat with a veterinarian privately about your pet or get answers for free in the forum.

Areas of available support include behavior, health, and nutrition. The app also includes hundreds of articles that provide valuable insight about pets, allowing you to have a wealth of information at your fingertips, whenever you need it.


When you welcome home your newest friend, you may be looking for a way to introduce him or her to your friends and family. Consider using Say BARK! This app lets you create and share animated cards that make your dog the star. Take a picture of your dog, use the app to add a filter and lip-synced audio, and then send it off with a message. From the makers of BarkBox, this app lets you have some fun with your pup.


You may find your newest housemate loves scrounging under the table for whatever scraps he can get his paws on. Make sure you have iKibble on your phone so that you can check which foods are okay for your dog to eat.

The app includes hundreds of different types of food, from meat to vegetables to grains. The built-in search functionality will help you quickly search for a certain food. If you are looking for healthier options for your dog, you can browse by health rating. If grandma is known for feeding Fido the wrong food, you can easily share information with anyone who needs to know. Don't worry about losing your favorites. You can easily mark them to return to them later.


Worried about training your dog? Puppr is the app for you. Puppr includes over 60 lessons brought to you by dog trainer Sara Carson, who was a top five finalist in America's Got Talent with her dog Hero.

The lessons include step-by-step instructions with videos and lessons to make sure they’re easy to follow. The app doesn't just provide lessons; it makes your phone a training tool. With a built-in clicker, training on the go is easy and enables positive reinforcement.

To keep your training on track, the app lets you track progress and even live chat with Sara and her team to get answers to your specific questions. If you like positive reinforcement as much as your dog, you'll enjoy the option to collect badges throughout the training.

More than one dog in need of training? No worries. The app lets you track and train multiple dogs.

Armed with the above apps, you’ll be more prepared than ever for your journey as a new pet parent!

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